Protecting Your Industrial Roofing During Summer

Protecting Your Industrial Roofing During Summer

Protecting Your Industrial Roofing During Summer

Protect Your Roof During Summer

Summer is arguably the best time of year when people get to enjoy beautiful weather and lots of outdoor fun activities. However, the same may not be said of industrial roofing systems. The storms and hot weather experienced in summer months can cause massive damages to industrial roofs if not properly protected. Below is a run-through of the major causes of roofing damage witnessed in summer.

Sun Damage

The summer sun beams down ultraviolet rays, energy, and heat all day throughout the season irrespective of where your industrial plant is located in the UK. Unfortunately, your roofing structure has a front row ticket to all the solar abuse.

In particular, ultraviolet rays can be extremely dangerous. They gradually breakdown the molecular structure of the roof and exposes it to other opportunistic damages from heat and temperature changes.

The expansion and contraction of your roofing structure caused by heat and temperature variations can cause the flashing to separate from your roofing thus allowing water to enter the building from the sharp corners.

The first step to protecting your roof is to look out for the following signs before the onset of summer.

  • Warps
  • Chipped roof
  • Cracks
  • Faded roof

These are signs of susceptibility to sun damage and must be addressed promptly lest they graduate into major problems. If for any reason you cannot access certain areas of your roof, consider contacting a UK industrial roofing expert to discuss the condition of your roof. Having a team of specially trained professionals to help you carry out the necessary diagnostics and surveys is important to know the exact repairs you need.

Water Damage

According to UK meteorological analyses and reports, rainfall decreases on average during summer. That notwithstanding, it is common to see some areas receiving close to 10 days of rain a month.

Considering the impact flooded roofs and gutter systems can have on the integrity of your roofing system, water damage should be classified as a significant threat. The problem gets aggravated when leaks start forming.

Industrial roofing companies in the UK have trained leak detection contractors who can conduct roofing risk assessments and advise appropriately. With the right tools and expertise, roofing contractors can identify even the tiniest leaks.

In addition to the exterior inspection, the interior of your roofing system should also be assessed especially for the following developments:

  • Water seepage
  • Missing roof sections
  • Broken pieces of roof material.

Summer Storms

The incidence of sudden showers and thunderstorms caused by hot, humid weather that often sweeps across the UK during summer, results in flash flooding. In light of this, proper precautions should be taken to prevent severe roof damage and major repairs.

The high winds that almost always accompany the storms and flashfloods can be devastating. Some of the glaring risks of such extreme weather include:

  • Falling trees and debris
  • Accumulation of water
  • Roof material loss
  • Clogging and damage of drainage systems

Though most of these risks cannot be eliminated, mitigation measures can be undertaken some of which are:

  • Debris clearing from drains and gutters
  • Checking domes and skylights for signs of damage such as cracks
  • Securing or removing any loose materials or attachments on roofs

Don’t expose your industrial roof to the unnecessary stress caused by extreme weather events. With the help of an industrial roofing expert, you can be assured of a firm, damage-proof roofing installation able to withstand severe weather.


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